Robust Video Scene Understanding:
Tracking and Video Segmentation

A Workshop and Challenge at CVPR 2021

Virtual - Friday 25th June, 2021 - Whole day

Invited Speakers

We have a lineup of 8 exciting invited speakers discussing various topics related to video understanding:

Call for Workshop Paper Submissions

We invite researchers working on topics such as video and scene understanding, tracking, and video segmentation, to submit papers to be published at our workshop.

Robust Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation Challenge

We are hosting the RobMOTS Challenge.

Evaluating trackers' ability to work robustly in the real world across a 8 different benchmarks:

Workshop Sponsors

Workshop Organizers


Main Organizer / Contact Person:


Jonathon Luiten

RWTH Aachen University


Full Organizing Team:


Prof. Bastian Leibe

RWTH Aachen University


Prof. Fisher Yu

ETH Zürich


Dr. Ning Xu



Dr. Pavel Tokmakov

Toyota Research


Dr. Jack Valmadre



Dr. Song Bai

ByteDance AI Lab


Paul Voigtlaender

RWTH Aachen University


Achal Dave

Carnegie Mellon University


István Sárándi

RWTH Aachen University



Prof. Laura Leal-Taixé

Technical University Munich


Prof. Deva Ramanan

Carnegie Mellon University


Dr. Yuning Chai



Dr. Sergi Caelles



Dr. Alex Bewley



Dr. Aljoša Ošep

Technical University Munich


Tarasha Khurana

Carnegie Mellon University


Arne Hoffhues

RWTH Aachen University


Xia Li

ETH Zürich



Prof. Andreas Geiger

MPI-IS & University Tübingen


Prof. Xinggang Wang

Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (HUST)


Dr. Jordi Pont-Tuset



Dr. Linjie Yang

ByteDance AI


Dr. Federico Perazzi



Tobias Fischer

ETH Zürich


Patrick Dendorfer

Technical University Munich


Yuchen Fan

University of Illinois


Blin Beqa

RWTH Aachen University


Sister Workshop / Challenge


The YouTube-VOS workshop and challenge, also at CVPR 2021, will host further challenges on Video Object Segmentation,  Video Instance Segmentation and Language Referring Video Object Segmentation.


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